Behind the Throw - Nick Larsson

Behind the Throw - Nick Larsson - Flippy Disc Golf Apparel
How did you first get introduced to disc golf, and what was it about the game that captivated you? Feel free to share something unique about your life and connect it to Disc Golf.

Nick: I first played with a friend who loaned me a disc or two, but was playing Ultimate Frisbee at the time, so I didn't think much of it. I soon realized I enjoyed executing a successful shot more than I enjoyed sprinting 😅 So I bought a disc of my own...then 3 discs...then know how it goes. I started competing in MA2 in 2017, and slowly moved divisions until I began playing MPO in 2021. I think I grew to love the sport in the moments where I finally executed my intended shot, and I wanted to make sure I could do that more often. My solution to that was to become more than a little obsessed with the sport! I'm always looking forward to the next shot I can execute better than I did last time.

Share your favorite disc golf course that you’ve played and a favorite course that you’d still love to visit.

Nick: My favorite course I've played is probably Milo McIver in western Oregon. I'd love to visit Smuggler's Notch in Vermont, or maybe the Toboggan course in Michigan

For newcomers to disc golf, what's one technical tip or aspect of play you think is undervalued but can make a big difference in their game?

Nick: Play loose. Tension disrupts muscle memory, and results in more frustration. Staying loose both mentally and physically helps you play better with less worry.

Can you recall a particularly challenging course or hole that you've played and how you navigated it? What made it stand out?

Nick: Hole 13, a par 4 at the Zoo Town Open (Blue Mountain Course in Montana) was extremely tough for me. The hole immediately went uphill and required a huge anhyzer backhand to get any kind of look at a good 2nd shot. I have decent distance, but high anhyzer backhands are tough for me, and I never managed to execute a good shot. I resigned myself to playing mostly for par, but it still required good some crazy scrambling to get out with a good score.

Disc golfers often have a favorite disc in their bag. Which is yours, and why does it hold that special place for you?

Nick: Normally it would be a Zone of some kind, but right now I love my beat-in Anax. It's possibly the farthest flying disc in my bag, and can hold an angle for way longer than I'd normally expect. I grew to like it even more when I nearly aced a 400' hole with it in front of the Foundation DG crew in a Bogey Bros Battle 😀

Disc golf, like many sports, has a community aspect to it. Can you share a memorable moment or story that stemmed from your involvement with the Flippy Disc Golf community?

Nick: Being featured on Foundation DG's channel was pretty special. My doubles partner and I are both Flippy sponsored, and it was an awesome experience to have us both out there playing some of the best disc golf we've ever played!

How do you prepare for a big tournament or match? Are there any specific routines, mental exercises, or physical training regimens you follow?

Nick: I stay active and hit the gym consistently, but I don't follow a specific regimen other than some rehab exercises from my physical therapist. I like to take it easy the day before a tournament, only practicing putting at the most. I don't like to score practice rounds, because that can add a lot of stress during a tournament if I don't score as well as I'm anticipating. I prefer to practice shots I know I can execute, and enter a round confident that I'm at least capable of hitting those lines.

Are there any disc golfers or athletes in general who have inspired your journey or whom you look up to? Why?

Nick: Eagle McMahon's journey from injury to recovery has been good to see as I've recovered from some injuries myself. Any pro who can compete at the highest level and remain light-hearted is someone I want to copy to some extent, as I sometimes get very stressed throughout tournaments.

With the growth and evolution of disc golf, where do you see the sport in the next 5-10 years? And what role do you think platforms like Flippy Disc Golf will play in that future?

Nick: I think the sport has potential for players to flood into it if there is enough incentive. Fields could double at the very least, if done well. I think Flippy Disc Golf as a platform can support more people who get into the sport, and as a product I think people will notice the eye-catching designs and spark even more interest!

Outside of the technical aspects, what's the most valuable life lesson disc golf has taught you?

Nick: Don't address issues when frustrated, even if you're not frustrated at the issue you're talking about. A calm head is a better space for that.

What’s the very worst score you’ve ever recorded, and on what hole?

Nick: Yikes 😬 I took an 11 on a hole at a local B-tier. It almost played as an island unless you threw it long, and for some reason I failed at that 4 consecutive times, then missed my putt when I finally landed safe.

In Nick's disc golf journey, we discover the sport's power to transform lives and the pursuit of perfection in every throw. Beyond the game's technicalities, disc golf has taught Nick valuable life lessons, such as maintaining a calm head in challenging situations. Even experienced players like Nick have their moments, as seen in his memorable 11-stroke adventure on a local hole. In disc golf, as in life, perseverance and embracing both triumphs and setbacks are keys to success. Whether you're an avid player or new to the sport, Nick's journey inspires us to embrace the journey and its incredible stories.

Join his community and follow him on Instagram @larssonarcher for more behind-the-scenes moments, amazing disc golf shots, and a glimpse into Nick's day-to-day life.

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Behind the Throw - Nick Larsson - Flippy Disc Golf Apparel

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How did you first get introduced to disc golf, and what was it about the game that captivated you? Feel free to share something unique about your life and connect it to Disc Golf.Nick: I first play...