Our Zero Waste Initiative

"The U.S. throws away up to 11.3 million tons of textile waste each year—around 2,150 pieces of clothing each second".
- 2022 Fashion Industry Environmental Impact

Only a fraction of what’s manufactured gets recycled. 87% of the total fiber input used for clothing is ultimately incinerated or sent to a landfill. Fashion brands have come under criticism for practices such as destroying unsold products and sending piles of clothes to landfills across the Global South, on top of often exploitative and dangerous conditions for workers.

As a new apparel company, we had a decision to make. Either create our clothes in large quantities and keep inventory, or create each item of clothing after a customer orders it. We chose the latter, and we love the sustainability benefits that come along with that decision. By creating each item to order, we have no inventory lying around in a warehouse, and no products to throw away when they don't sell.  Though our product is more expensive to produce and the production time delays shipments, we believe this is the most sustainable decision for our brand in our current environment. We also believe that selling high quality apparel and using sustainable practices to produce our clothing also helps reduce our footprint and keep waste to a minimum.