Behind the Throw - Tyler Savinski

Behind the Throw - Tyler Savinski - Flippy Disc Golf Apparel

Welcome to the premiere of our Team Flippy Spotlight series! Here, we're diving deep to showcase the vibrant personalities and stories of our ambassadors—the heart and soul of Team Flippy. Kicking off our series is none other than our team captain, Tyler Savinski. Tyler doesn't just play; he lives the game, merging engineering precision with a heartfelt passion for disc golf. As we dive into his story, you'll discover what makes Tyler a unique and integral part of our Flippy family.

How did you first get introduced to disc golf, and what was it about the game that captivated you? Feel free to share something unique about your life and connect it to Disc Golf.

Tyler: As an engineer, the physics of flight and the differences between discs are fascinating. I have always enjoyed the outdoors. Being able to learn about flight characteristics and use aspects of my profession into a sport like disc golf, allows for a much more involved and deeper understanding of the game itself.


Share your favorite disc golf course that you’ve played and a favorite course that you’d still love to visit.

Tyler: My favorite disc golf course that I play almost daily is Splinter City DGC in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC. A course that I dream of one day playing is Swenson Park, home of the OTB Open in Stockton, California. This is a longer course where long drives can be rewarding and punishing at the same time. That's my favorite kind of course to play!

For newcomers to disc golf, what's one technical tip or aspect of play you think is undervalued but can make a big difference in their game?

Tyler: An undervalued aspect of the game is realizing why you're playing in the first place. For me, I enjoy all aspects of flight, and as such, my game personally is based on angles. I practice in the field plenty focusing on distance shots, but also accuracy. Learning individual flights and really nailing down every discs flight in my bag allows me to know the reaction of the flight in wind, heavily wooded courses, and virtually any condition of play.

Can you recall a particularly challenging course or hole that you've played and how you navigated it? What made it stand out?

Tyler: The most special course I've played would certainly Winthrop Gold(USDGC Layout). Long distance shots, in the wind, my favorite! Technical placement shots are the key to that course. My best score playing the full layout with associated OBs and everything is -3 and that is amazing if you've played that course. What a memory that round is for me!

Disc golfers often have a favorite disc in their bag. Which is yours, and why does it hold that special place for you?

Tyler: Although my bag is everchanging as the sport grows, my all time favorite disc would have to be my penned opaque "Calvin run" Champion Eagle. The reason it's special to me is the Eagle is the perfect mold for my game, and this particular run has been made famous by Calvin. My specific eagle actually belonged to Calvin and was in his bag for a long while. I find myself throwing it in many places that I shouldn't be, but it always finds it's way to the pin!

Disc golf, like many sports, has a community aspect to it. Can you share a memorable moment or story that stemmed from your involvement with the Flippy Disc Golf community?

Tyler: I was fortunate enough to be with Flippy from the very beginning, and as someone that has been here for so long, I have watched the growth of a brand that genuinely cares about those involved. A memorable moment for me is the one I'm still making, leading our team and helping to grow the sport. This is one I will look back on some day and smile at the thought of.

How do you prepare for a big tournament or match? Are there any specific routines, mental exercises, or physical training regimens you follow?

Tyler: My preparation is the same as my casual rounds: Evaluate the layout, identify problems with myself or the course, make adjustments as needed, and keep moving forward. I follow a calisthenics workout routine, so I'm very active and constantly pushing for more. This allows me to continue to grow and improve. I don't really get any extra nerves with larger or smaller events, I focus one shot at a time, rather than the entire tournament at once. Disc Golf is a game of strokes!

Are there any disc golfers or athletes in general who have inspired your journey or whom you look up to? Why?

Tyler: Simon Lizotte and Paul Ulibarri are the two most iconic players that I look up to. I have had the opportunity to caddy and play plenty of times with each, and I admire their sense of humor, as well as their diverse and deep understanding of our sport.

With the growth and evolution of disc golf, where do you see the sport in the next 5-10 years? And what role do you think platforms like Flippy Disc Golf will play in that future?

Tyler: I see a large evolution of the sport in the next few years. More professional and official rather than small scale and improper. Brands like Flippy will be leading this more professional approach by being the eye-candy and the stylistic details that help us to stand out.

Outside of the technical aspects, what's the most valuable life lesson disc golf has taught you?

Tyler: Enjoy the community that we are endlessly and effortlessly building. I have met people that I will know and be lifelong friends with all from throwing plastic circles around with. Life is short, learn, experience, and travel.

What’s the very worst score you’ve ever recorded, and on what hole?

Tyler: Ha! If I must say... The approach on Hole 5 at Winthrop Golf is quite difficult for a lefty in a ripping headwind. I believe I scored a 9, after my water strokes, and 3 casualties. I got them back though! All is well!

For more behind-the-scenes moments, amazing disc golf shots, and a glimpse into Tyler's day-to-day life, follow him on Instagram @leftytyler. Join his growing community and keep the conversation going! 

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Behind the Throw - Tyler Savinski - Flippy Disc Golf Apparel

Behind the Throw - Tyler Savinski

Dive into the world of Tyler Savinski, Team Flippy's dynamic team captain. Merging the precision of an engineer with a genuine passion for disc golf, Tyler's story is a blend of technique, dedicati...