View our Custom Design Catalog to pick your your preferred customization options, pattern design(s), and fonts. Don’t have a clear vision for what you want? No worries! Our in-house professional graphic designers will help you every step of the way.


Once you place a custom order and fill out the order form, our design team will create professional mockups for you so you can see exactly what your design will look like before we print it.


Your design is then sublimated, cut, and sown together within 3-14 business days after mockup confirmation depending on the size of the order.


Straight from our factory in Southern California, your design is produced and shipped to your house in record time! Total time from payment to your door varies between 7 and 21 business days depending on current backlog, order volume, and the complexity of your design.

Myles L.

Custom Flippy Disc Golf jerseys are incredible. The process to create a custom jersey is very simple and fast not to mention the look incredible! They are made from a lightweight breathable material that will keep you throwing even in the middle of the summer. The fit is long in the torso so you have lots of room for rotational movements, but fitted in the arms so it doesn’t feel like you’re swimming or effect range of motion. I can’t wait to get my next custom jersey ordered!

Tyler S.

The Flippy Disc Golf Jerseys are ultra high-quality and comfortable! To find a brand that creates these amazing apparel items, at such a low cost is unheard of and exciting. The designs are fresh, and the customization options they offer are limitless! The Flippy Jerseys are certainly the best disc golf apparel ever created, and I will never wear another brand!

Jon D.

Check out Flippy Disc Golf for all your jersey needs! I love all their patterns!

Gary D.

I love these jerseys, and the customization process was incredibly simple. They are comfortable in all conditions and hold up really well in the rain. I find them warm for winter rounds but cool enough for summer rounds. Plus, the designs are killer. I tell pretty much everyone, you're missing out of you're not trying on Flippy apparel.

Glenny G.

Just received my first jersey from Flippy disc golf and it completely exceeded my expectations. I kept hearing about how soft and comfortable they are but was still blown away when I got my hands on it.

The lightweight material will be perfect for those hot tournament days and their custom logos are directly printed on the jersey so you don’t have to worry about any thick decals.

David A.

These Jerseys are amazing! Softest thing in my closet. Very breathable and comfortable. Good for more than just disc golfing I wear these all the time.

James J.

These jerseys are the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear when i'm playing disc golf. They are lightweight and easy to throw in.

Nina G.

I love the fabric on my figure fits better than any shirt/jersey ever made. They are true to size. When it’s hot out it feels light so it doesn’t get to hot, and I feel like I barely sweat, not only that the fabric is stretchable and breathable and feels so good the play disc golf in and the designs are awesome

Benny P.

Just got these bad boys for my bowling team. Functional across other sports!


I've been wearing Flippy gear on and off the course since right around when Foundation Disc Golf did their creators cup last year. I've worn it during 95+ degree summer days during my rounds, and it remained incredibly comfortable the entire time with zero visible sweat marks. Which is always awesome. I constantly get compliments on the designs of these jerseys. They really stand out and catch peoples attention. The material is comfortable, durable, and definitely high quality. I recommend Flippy Disc Golf apparel to people as often as I can


Great fit. Very comfortable and lightweight. Can’t wait to get some more

Justin H.

I'm loving my new Flippy gear. The jerseys are the best feeling and very soft. I'll be rocking my gear all years at tournaments

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